New York, NY

Greenwich, CT

Speaking Engagements

I have also offered numerous workshops and talks to parents, students, and faculty. Topics include:

- Managing emotions in the adolescent and teenage years (for parents)

- Making the transition to high school (for parents) 

- Making the transition to college (for parents and students) 

- Discussing death and traumatic events with your children (for parents) 

- Suicide prevention (for students)

- Identifying "at risk" students (for teachers) 

- How to have productive conversations about drugs and alcohol (for parents and students) 

- Developing healthy body image (for parents) 

In addition, I have offered the following lectures and classes: 

- Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (lecture at Barnard College) 

- Introduction to Counseling (course at Fordham University) 

- Theories of Counseling (course at Fordham University) 

I also speak to private and independent school Board of Trustees to help understand and plan for health and wellness needs.

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